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Thread: Visteon HDZ300

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    Visteon HDZ300

    The Visteon HDZ300.
    ONe of the best products to hit the CarPC community, and you guys dont even carry it.
    Same with the reote RS232 cable that has been made for it by one of the members.

    Mp3car should be a one stop shop for all carpc stuff.
    You guys really need to get on top of these these things.

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    pretty sure they've been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Hit i Just got a directed DHMD-1000 for ~$60 USD

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    How are these? I have always been tempted to buy one to mess with.

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    As mentioned in my other post i got a directed DHMD-1000, which is basically the same thing.

    I only used it for testing as my carputer never got installed (lost the waf...long storry).

    But it worked great, was controlled easily by the computer, and controls were integrated with ride runner and centrafuse. So i really liked it, and would have also like to use it.

    If you're looking for one i'll sell you mine, since it's now just sitting in the box under the stairs.

    Has less than 2 hours use

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