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Thread: Use For Duramix 4040?

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    Use For Duramix 4040?

    This post only refers to the use of Duramix 4040. I'm wanting to plug a hole in a polyurethane shower pan. I have read about this product and was wondering if it would be compatible. Tile will be laid over this. I wonder about the seal being waterproof, and the life of this product. If this is not the right stuff, maybe someone can suggest something different.

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    First of all, these forums are about vehicle computers, not bathroom fixture repair.

    Second of all, you posted in a subforum specifically about products sold in the online store associated with these forums. Duramix 4040 is not sold in the aforementioned online store.

    Good luck finding an answer.
    I suggest that in the future you look a little deeper into where you request information to insure you're asking pwople who might actually know. Your odds of someone here knowing about this product aren't good. We're computer geeks & car electronics enthusiasts, not handymen or contractors.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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