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Thread: app developer network on mp3Car

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderStick View Post
    Start an app developer network where developers are able to post there apps and recieve payment if desired.
    You know an app store for carputers. Apps are popular and if people dont have access to them carputers will fall off the ledge and in to the abyss. App stores promote and show perspective hobbiests the capabilities of a carpc is a simple and easy to find way.
    Paging through forums is tedious for someone just browsing for capabilities. While browsing the android market or the iphone app store you can really see what the potential of those devices are and what the future is bringing for them.
    Android has over 20,000 apps allready. Iphone has near 100,000. People love this.
    This is a great idea, we will do this. Starting a new thread for this and happy to put resources towards it! Sean can get started right away.

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    Some things to think about:

    What software should be used to host and distribute software licenses? (
    Will developer apps be 1 file, or multiple files?
    paypal? what other types of accepted payments?
    What kind of tracking info as a developer would you want to know?
    Anything other app stores lack that this one could do better?

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