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Thread: Mini USB to USB adapter featured on the blog today

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    Bybyte had this to offer:

    I've read the discussion about the item and the thing I found in common is that no one has actually tested the item to determine if the 90 degree angle affects the data speed integrity. Our techs have tested the adapter transfering data from USB thumbs (2, 4 & 8 Mb) and we have not encountered any problems. The 90 degree angle does not represent an issue in a PCB with such small footprint an carrying such a low voltage. The straight lines allows the manufacturing of the adapter with a single layer, reducing its cost significantly.

    The reason why we incorporated the mini USB port to the frame is to ad the possibility of charging a cellphone or transmitting data or media from a USB flash drive (up to 8 Mb) to the computer. Without the port the customer will basically need to have a USB extension hanging somewhere in the car.

    Our MINI USB to USB adapter is intended to be connected to the PC via USB cable (USB "A" male to USB "A" male) hidden behind the dash.

    This item has an open frame as there's no space to add a fully insulated adapter. The item gives you the same service of a Mini USB to USB cable adapter with the benefit of having it discretely mounted and easy to reach at the front of the LCD frame.

    The mini USB port is widely for several applications such as robotic hobby applications, system integration, etc., as seen on the images of head units below.

    I really don't see any problem with this item.

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    Thanks Jensen & Bugbyte,

    But I think zapro is merely kidding,
    If not, he risks losing credibility...
    Quote Originally Posted by zapro View Post
    If you check with every single PCB manufacturer, they add that you shouldn't do 90 degree bends unless you cannot do otherwise.
    I just read of one that hadn't even heard of the rule!

    It's primarily an olskool rule to do with under etching as I said. And thermal/mechanical stuff - but with square SMD corners and 90 corners where track meet pads etc.... (Need I go further?)

    If you're into waveguides - fine, there is an issue. Or if those tracks are handling signals above several Gbs - but 90 bends may then be an advantage (ie, lower capacitance/impedance).
    Otherwise the signaling issue is out - that is more dependent on surrounding tracks.

    Maybe zapro is playing with my relations across the Sound Strait.... Those Nordics are schemers eh - aren't they Jensen?
    (Or was it that I linked electricity with magnetism? That'd make me as smart as Maxwell, smart eh?)

    For those that are concerned, a quick google should find a few good research papers or their webbed summaries.

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