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Thread: Double Din Nano-ITX case options?

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    Double Din Nano-ITX case options?

    I'm having trouble finding more than two models of motherboard that will fit into any of these cases. Has anyone been able to mount a mini-itx into one? Do you have any pics?

    I've been looking at the "Product Code: ENC-041B"
    New Black Double Din Nano-ITX Carputer Enclosure Second Generation with IR Sensor & Front USB

    I found one Portwell board for ~$320 and a few pico-itx for ~$230. Can't find any readily available nano-itx boards from standard vendors. Looking for mainboard suggestions for this case so I can get my PC into my dash and out from under my seat.

    Any suggestions are welcome!


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    You should check out this post

    Mini-ITX boards are about the size of the double-din opening itself, so they don't fit into the black box. You have to go with Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX. Some SBCs and Wafers will fit, but they are just too expensive. I managed to find a nettop, disassemble it and fit it into the Black Box - you should check out my worklog

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