I just bought a MTSVO-SC K301. I see that it was wiring instructions on the top of it. Does MP3car happen to have a user manual for this thing laying around. I am having some cofusion on what to connect and where to connect to it to.

Pin 1: Remote (What does this wire do?)
Pin 2: Acc On (This obviously goes to ignition.)
Pin 3: Reverse (This goes to the reverse lamp, but does it go to the 12V+ side or the Ground side?)
Pin 4: Park (Does this go onto a 12V+ side or the ground side. Also anyone have any ideas what I can connect this to?)
Pin 5: GND (I know what this does.)
Pin 6: 12V (I know what this does too.)

So I just need help with Pin 1, 3, and 4.