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Thread: Mp3Car USB adapter for XM Direct not recognized on Mac

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    Mp3Car USB adapter for XM Direct not recognized on Mac


    I recently purchased the Mp3Car USB Adapter for XM Direct to integrate it into iAmp. I used to use a cable I built myself with the FTDI VCP drivers (2.1.x and 2.2.10). Both drivers worked fine. After connecting the mp3car usb adapter I am not able to see the device under /dev/*usb*. The Mp3Car USB Adapter appears in the system profiler under the USB device tree. This is weird since the kernel doesn't see it. If the OS discovered the device it should appear in /dev/ as well as in system preferences>network. I have looked for the VID and PID in /System/Libarary/Extensions/FTDI*/Context/Info.plist and found nothing.

    So I ask the question again, has anyone used this adapter with a Mac?

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    Mp3Car USB adapter for XM Direct not recognized on Mac

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