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Thread: Consideration before NMC is Car-Ready

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    Consideration before NMC is Car-Ready

    Hi All,

    I was about to put my carpc in the car for use with NMC, however when I finally got 800x480 to display properly on my Xenarc, I realized that there is no 800x480 skin in NMC....

    Before I try to hack it up, I was wondering if someone would like to take the challenge of making a skin that will work for in car use with most wisde monitos (800x480 namely)...

    I would love to do it, but I'm really bad at graphics!

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    I will make some adaptations of my skins
    NS - neocar suite

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    Hi Netsuo!

    I hadnt seen your post... I adjusted all the images heights to 80% (scale) and then converted the .xml file using a script I made to adjust all of the position, hauteur, medio_hauteur etc, all of it to 80%...

    However, now when I load nmc I'm not getting the normal menu... just a screen with no buttons... Basically I get the background, but no buttons to click on...

    In NSW it opens up fine...


    Join skin and skin2 to make the full skin file... upload limit didnt let me post it all...


    I'll post the whole thing once its working
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    Once I finish my v7 update for Onyx I will convert it to an 800x480 skin since a lot of people use the 7" widescreen.
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    Another possible feature for NMC is an option that would "unstretch" video automatically so we can use 800x600 skins on an wide monitor....

    I wonder how difficult tht would be to code, but it shouldnt be much of a problem I think...

    Basically this mode would be 800x600, the monitor squashes the height to 80%, to fit on screen, and NMC increases video height to compensate...

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