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Thread: NMC07 alpha1B bugs

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    NMC07 alpha1B bugs

    - Was present in other versions but still no fixed, didnt see it mentioned before: cursor not disappearing in full video mode

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    its normal, just let the cursor over and after few seconds it will disapear. it's not alpha1b related. Its NOT a bug.
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    It doesnt disappear in mine... it will only disappear if I click the movie control bar somewhere, then when the bar disappears it disappears the cursor.... It doesnt seem to be moving the cursor like it used to off the video.... is there maybe a way of setting the cursor position to bottom-right when the tool bar disappears? (or is it already doing that?)

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    unsure if this is a bug or not.. I load a directory into the mp3 player.. it shows the track listing (1 to 14) when its playing say track 1 and you press the >> button, I expected it to move onto track 2, but instead it fast forwards the song, which is already done by the other buttons which surrounds the enclosed position bar..

    When you choose GPS say from the mp3 player window, it starts up fine.. but click back returns you the the main window not the mp3 window.. this prob isnt a bug, but would be nice maybe to return you to your previous window.

    Its looking ace m8.. love the embedding of destinator. I'm hoping on a radio plug in.



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    I have a problem with both of my systems. Once has winamp vis enabled the other does not.

    If you select a song to play within a directory(typically an album) all of the images work fine(preview.jpg) shows in the "image_apercu" box. (this is in the filelist screen)

    Song plays, once it advances to the next song(whether it reaches the end of the first or I scan forward or I hit the next track). When I go back into the filelist the image is no longer displayed in the "image_apercu_ box. I have to go back to the root directory and reselect it or another album to show.

    MOST of the time when going back into the filelist the slider that shows where you are in your selection is "invisible" in order for it to show up you have to click the up/down button and it magically appears.

    the previous version did not do this. Is it a bug or by design?

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    When you click on shutdown and then on shutdown again to turn the computer off, the program crashes and the computer does not shutoff. You get the windows message that ask's if you want to send error report or not.
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