Netsuo, I am trying to make a Belgian Period keyboard for your Light skin. I have got some questions and problems :

1)How can I define key strokes? eg : I need the character "&", I think you haven't coded this one because it's not in the xml file.

2)Am I right that you hardcoded all the keys? If I put the keys in the right place for "lower case", it seems that the "upper case" keys and the"Alt" keys don't match for my layout (see PM) In lower case the BE point keyboard has signs where your keyboard has numbers, in upper case the BE point keyboard has the numbers like yours has in lower case.

If I am right at point 2, would it be possible for you to code all the keys separate as ascii codes? eg : "Alt"+"92" = "\", or would it be possible to automaticly change the keyboard by looking at the Windows settings?