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Thread: Destinator 3 Embedded request

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    I think that the best solution is to embed destinator directly using SDK. This is why i will make like this
    With this solution you avoid any "window embedding" problems (and there's a lot of them) like any external apps module the frontends propose now
    NS - neocar suite

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    I'm writing my own prog, and I embedded the D3 (not the FrontEnd) into the prog, I also Forced it to have no Border so the user wont be able to change the size and possition of the D3...

    I think it is better to emmb the D3 into your app. (if you have time for it).

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    YEAH! D3 sdk "embedded" in nmc and I will donate 150 (and I'll buy a license of D3, of course!). Just trying to buy you

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