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Thread: Feb23day skin: mod by netsuo

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    Feb23day skin: mod by netsuo

    I've made a mod for the actual Febsperanza's skin Feb23day, just to support auto hiding full mode in images module. I've made also some font changes and alignement corrections.

    Here's the skin.xml file to replace:

    Skin mod

    And then go to the skin's folder and remove theses files:


    Then rename all photos_XXXX_medium.jpg to photos_XXXX_full.jpg.

    Check finally in neocar manager if you've activated the full mode auto hide for the images module (Display options) and load NMC > photos module > switch to full mode: it's now auto hiding like in movie and music modules

    Hope you like it

    EDIT: i've also activated ertical volume bars as NMC work perfectly now
    NS - neocar suite

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    Thanks mate!
    Brushed Metal Skin]
    MIA at the moment
    [please email me instead of pm]

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    Has anyone been able to get this skin to work with the latest version of Neocar (neocar_media_center_07_beta_2.exe)?

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