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Thread: I'm taking a break

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    I'm taking a break

    I have not been active in this forum lately and I apologize I haven't responded properly to some of your requests by pm's or emails. I have started a new business and it is taking a lot of my time (apart from helping collections for the tsunami survivors). I think it is only polite to let you know that I am taking a break from the car pc business for a while From this moment on, I am officially a lurker but will occassionally make comments if I cannot resist

    In the mean time, FWIW I have updated all the photoshop files at my website for FP and NeoCar, so that some of you may use/improve my skins. I only hope that you will always share your creations with the forum.


    ps. hope the mods don't mind me double posting
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    First, i have to thank you very much for your work.

    I think there is a good reason, why you make this break.

    But, i hope you come back soon.

    I wish you everything good.


    ps: thanks 4 the feb23day PS-Files

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    Yes thanks from me too!
    Keep it up!
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