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Thread: Where in the world is Netsuo?

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    Talking Where in the world is Netsuo?

    Posted in the spirit of where in the world is Carmen Sandiego...hehehe Anyways, does anyone know whats up with netsuo? He mentioned he would be debugging for a couple of weeks but hes now completely vanished from these forums...

    I'd hate to see NMC go under at this point... I really dont want to have to start looking for another frontend......

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    Sorry at all. I'm not here because of lot of things..

    First, I had a disease for 2 weeks.. so i cant make anything at house..
    Then, i've lot of work in my real work, so im very very "sleepy" all the time..

    And then i'm going to Swiss Army again for 3 weeks from february 28th to march 18th.

    So, development is reported to march 18th.

    I'm sorry but life is not always how we want it to be
    NS - neocar suite

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