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Thread: New NMC website is ONLINE !

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    New NMC website is ONLINE !

    Here it is ! The new NMC's website is finally online.

    After 1 week of coding, i've done many things but NOT ALL pages are working.
    You can allready register to post comments on skins / news and bugs.

    Unregistered users can add bugs to the database and all people can read them after.

    If you want your skin to be added, please mail my at the adress provided on the site.

    Remember that errors can occur, as the site is notfinished. But all old infos are still there. Downloads / skins / news and bugtracker are working good. Gallery as well.

    So please let me know what you think, feel free to register and add your comments and / or bugs to the bugtracker.

    I'm leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks of Swiss army. So the site will stay "as is" for 3 weeks. Your are the only ones to be able to fill it

    Thanks for your help and support,
    NS - neocar suite

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    There's a big bug on the gallery-page!

    My pictures aren't there

    Nice site man, good job. Now be carefull in the army, we need you afterwards

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    Yooohoooo! I'm on the first page of the site!!!! I'm on the first page! I'm news!!!! I'm first-page!!!!!

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    nice update to the web site. Looks very professional.

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    clicking on featured image gives:

    Module AUDIO full
    Description: Module full avec l'AVS plein écran et quelques informations
    Téléchargements: 46

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