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Thread: Help extermal apps - MapSonic

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    Exclamation Help extermal apps - MapSonic


    I've just got my CarPC running again.

    I have got the navigationprog: ViaMichelin MapSonic.

    And I have got it to work in extermal Apps, the close func works and all..

    But here is my problem, the first time it was fine.

    Second time I opened it, it was minimised, and if I chose to have it in front of NMC then when i maximize it I can't se NMC anymore, and if I chose to have NMC in front, then I can't se MapSonic, and then I can't use it.

    Anyone who can help me with that problem?

    Thanks DS

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    Current application module is ****. Nothing other

    Actually, Mapsonic is working great with the very next version, expected to be released this week-end. I'm using Mapsonic also and i've made lots of tests to make it work.
    I hope this will work on your install also.

    I'll post some infos on next version very soon.

    Thanks for your interest
    NS - neocar suite

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    Loooks Great!!

    Can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by netsuo
    next version, expected to be released this week-end.
    Just for that im making a NMC skin for freedrive so it suits the light skin in NMC

    Skin made

    download sometime soon
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