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Thread: wants, needs, suggestions, comments and more

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    since NBB is cocoa and VMware is cocoa (correct me if i am wrong), couldn't you just set a gesture to send the spaces key combo? it should work from both apps.
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    I'm not sure if this would be at all possible but maybe intergrating Sirius into the app would be cool. What I mean is something like Sirius Mac. Creating a module that will connect you to the online version. On my mac I have it tethered to my iphone and i'm able to stream sirius radio through that way. Also wanted to say that this is a great front end with alot of promise. Keep it up!

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    Is it possible to get a pre-built browser module? I know you demonstrated how to build it in another thread, but it might be handy to have that available (ala the XM module).

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