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Thread: Neon Boombox users guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeonDev View Post
    the best hope for that in the short term would be a setting in the preference file that you could edit to the desired folder. I just don't have time to focus on that right now, there are alot of things ahead on the priority list at the moment.

    It will be at least a couple of weeks before I can even do that so in the meantime everyone is stuck either converting movies or using the QT Pro workaround mentioned by golfguy

    Thnaks. I just purchased QT Pro so I'm going that rought. I posted on the suggestions thread about changing the front end skinn too.

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    updated the NBB tips
    updated the visualizer creation guide
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    Theme creation guide

    Starting in the most recent BETA of 1.1 NBB supports theme presets that will eventually be only a small part of a much larger theming/skinning mechanism.

    in 1.1 final you will be able to quick install themes like you can do with modules now (by double clicking them or dropping them on Neon Boombox). Until then you will have to manually manage them by "showing package contents" on NBB and navigating to contents/skins. in that folder are several .skin bundles that for now appear as folders but in the final build you will have to do a "show package contents" on these as well.

    right now the NBB skinning engine only supports themes so the only file in the skin bundle that matters will be the .theme file which is really just an XML file.

    please note that I have hard coded a limit on the number of skins NBB will load. I don't think anybody will need more than 7 themes to choose from, and screen real estate is very limited and when skins support more than themes it will take a significant chunk of memory.

    the theme file will support many things in the future but for now it supports only these properties:

    name - self explanatory
    interfaceHueValue - correlates to the hue value set in the app prefrences
    interfaceBrightnessValue - same as above
    interfaceContrastValue - same as above
    interfaceSaturationValue - same as above
    interfaceFontColor - same as above only encompasses all the color channels (and one day an alpha value). it is a strin in this format: {%R,%G,%B}
    when i say percentage i mean a float between 0.0 and 1.0. so a value of {1.0,1.0,1.0} is equal to white

    I am posing an example .skin bundle that you can use as a template for creating your own themes. If you come up with anything good I'd be happy to include it in the NBB distribution.
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