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Thread: My CarPC Setup

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    My CarPC Setup

    VoomPC2 Case
    M1ATX (This is what Im worried about, will I need to upgrade?)
    Intel D945GCLF
    Xenarc 700TSV
    1GB Ram
    Creative X-FI USB Audio
    BU-353 GPS
    Seagate Mobile HD
    LG DVD+/- RW
    D-Link USB Wi-Fi Receiver

    I believe that is everything I have for it. I know the M1ATX is likely not going to be enough. I can't find any information on the 12V rail of the motherboard so I have no idea if that is going to be overloaded, hopefully you guys will be able to help!
    Oh and it is going into a 07 Civic EX, have a integration harness etc for the audio.


    Edit: Oh, also, about the 12v rail for the M1ATX, I guess it would especially not be enough if I plan to power my xenarc of the 12v rail as well?

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    Ok so I did some more looking up, and decided that the M1-ATX will definately not be enough....

    So I just purchased my M2-ATX, anyone wanna buy my M1 ;-) ?

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