The m2/m4 do not provide the correct power to the motherboard to supply power to a high current pci device. I think the D2x uses a power plug, if so you would have less issues with it, but i would still avoid it if at all possible. if not try harder.

Also if you want a pci instead of a pcie, to use a d2 instead of a d2x, take a look at the jnc81-lf has an ati hd 3200 on board. what i got and its amazing. uses laptop memory at ddr800 so i was able to find 4gb,2x2gb, for like 40 bucks. and aside from the bios, but thats a whle different issue the chip is soldered on,

its a great board and have had no isses with it and my D2 and opus 360 and a 5050e X2, was only 8 or 10 bucks more than the 4850e and at the same 45W TPD. As a note tho the jetway comes with a shallow heatsink that is not too bad either.

edit: i just notice the jetway is sold out... sorry