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Thread: My setup so far

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    My setup so far

    Hi all.

    After much reading on these forums I have started my project. This is where I am up to now:

    Intel DG945GCLF
    1gb memory
    250gb SATA laptop drive
    M2-ATX supply
    GPS receiver (installed in front window, but it looks more like an alarm thing)
    Centrafuse software (with Igo-pc)
    Mobile broadband dongle
    Still deciding on what screen I should get (lilliput or Xenarc)

    Up to now I have installed the wires required. I have a 4g wire (fused near battery) running to a 4 way distribution block, down to 8g wire powering 2 amps (this has been like this for the last 5 years, so this is running fine). These are earthed together at the back of the car.

    Then running a 15amp (16g) power cable to the M2-ATX from the distribution block. The earth for this is just connected to the body of the car (16g wire).

    I also have the IGN cable from the M2 running to a kill switch so I can stop the Pc from firing up if needed.

    I'm just awaiting delivery of my Voom box then I can connect it all up!
    I'm going to install a RJ45 connection as well (somewhere) and a USB hub so I can transfer files etc.

    How does this all sound up to now? Any suggestions?

    Oh the car is a Nissan pulsar (Almera) N16 series one hatchback.

    Cheers all


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    My only opinion to do something else of what you have done, is to skipp the cabeled wire (RJ-45) and go WiFi instead... Is hundre times easier than hooking up a cable every now and then.

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    Yeah I thought that after I typed it:-)

    Fortunately I haven't done that bit yet, so I'll look at a usb wi-fi adapter and have the usb port easily accessable, so i can have it plugged in when needed.

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