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Thread: Need Feedback On Wiring Thoughts

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    Okay so I'm revising my thoughts on wiring then. Which I have no problems revising, I'd rather, as Darque stated - be on the safe side with this stuff.

    - 4gauge from battery to the distro (step up fuse size from 50amp to 125amp)
    - 8gauge from the distro to the external connector on the Thin Client
    - 16gauge inside the Thin Client, from the connector to the M4.

    I'll go for the connector fixer has listed.

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    About the relay that you were mentioning, the only place you might want to consider putting one is on your ignition line between your m4 and the ignition. I haven't looked much at the M4 but I assume that it has a remote line and that's what you indicated your using in your drawing? I would just look to see how much that remote line takes current wise. I kinda doubt that it would cause any major issues but better safe than sorry.

    Hope this helps!

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