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Thread: GF9300-D-E + 65W Core 2 Duo + Opus 120W +

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    GF9300-D-E + 65W Core 2 Duo + Opus 120W +

    Here is what I ended up with, after ditching the slow Intel reference board w/ Atom 1.6Ghz chip, (INTEL BOXD945GCLF) which was very slow. I would not recommend it for any semi-demanding setup. I was having stability issues running XP on that board, so I did a BIOS update, and it appeared to go successfully, but would never post again.

    The new set up:

    - ZOTAC GF9300-D-E w/ GeForce 9300 w/ WIFI w/ HDMI
    - Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz
    - ZEROTHERM low-profile CPU cooler
    - 2 x 2GB DDR2 800MHz
    - 250GB 5400RPM 2.5" SATA
    - Opus case w/ DC-DC 120W
    - Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7 inch Touch Screen VGA
    - Logitech USB 2.0 1.3MP webcam

    What I still need:
    - GPS reciever
    - a few more webcams
    - Fusion brain w/ accessories (for alarm+more)

    I wanted to go quad-core, because the chips were nearly the same price, but not for 65W. I want this thing to run as cool as possible, and without having to buy a new PSU.

    I am still waiting on the rest of the parts to show up, but when they do, I will write a review on multiple aspects of this set up. If anyone has any requests or tests for me to try, I would be glad to. The reviews of the motherboard, with a lesser CPU than mine, indicate it can even play Crysis I won't need that kind of GPU performance, but I'm glad it's not some wimpy stock Intel chipset. This might let me run my Xenarc at native resolution without much modification.

    Parts will be here Monday, I'll update as I go along, and turn it into more of a review.

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    I'm interested in that Zerotherm low-profile heatsink/fan - I believe you're talking this one? I saw that on Newegg and want to use it for a mini HTPC project I'm doing. Are you mounting in the trunk or in the cabin?

    I am very impressed with the Zotac motherboards. Lookin' forward to reading about your project!

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