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Thread: Help with 02 Explorer setup

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    Help with 02 Explorer setup

    I have:
    2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 - 4x4


    --------need to hook up---------------------------------
    2 - 30A LED switches
    1 - KITT voice box
    1 - 30A ATC Fuse holder
    1 - 15A ATC Fuse
    1 - ATM Fuse Tap
    1 - 15A Aux Socket
    1 - 320W Xantrex XPower 400 Plus Inverter
    2 - 1.3W 80mm Blue LED Fans
    1 - Powerstrip
    1 - 8W Digital Converter Box
    1 - RCA 1450 Flat Amplified Antenna (Input: 120AC 6vA and Output: 12VDC 100mA)
    1 - Slimline PS2 (Input: 100-240V 1.5A Output: 8.5V 5.65A)

    -------Have alread hooked up-----------------------------
    1 - Boss BV-7250T Stereo (~3.5" screen built in) 80Wx4
    1 - 10" Innovatek flipdown monitor connected to radio and radio's power
    2 - 15" flat LED lights that connect to radio's power source
    1 - bulldog security talking alarm connected to battery

    I wanted to write everything I am hooking up or have already hooked up so if anyone has a better way to do this they have all the info.

    Ok so my thoughts are this:
    I was thinking about utilizing the 300W inverter by just plugging into a new aux port. The instructions say the adapter will only go to 150W and I can't open the adapter to see if it has a fuse or not (spring loaded). So, I don't know if they are saying that IS the max or if that is what they assume most cigarette lighters will be. Assuming they are just approximating I was going to put in this 15A Aux Port and hope to get 180W out of my inverter.

    my original calculations were:
    1. adding up the output wattage of the devices
    2.6W(2fans)+8W(DTV)+1.2W(Amp. Ant)+48.025(PS2)+??(KITT Voice Box) = 59.825W * 20% for peak = 71.79W (Max)

    but after talking to an electrical engineer he told me to add up the input not output
    2.6W(2fans)+8W(DTV)+6W(Amp. Ant - apparently volt Amps will be the same as Watts)+150W(PS2)+??+(KITT Voice Box) = ~166.6W) * 20% = 199.92W (Max)

    Do you think the 12AWG, 15A Socket, 15A inline fuse, and a power side to a fuse in the fuse box via a tap is an alright way to go or am I asking for problems? Is there a better way of doing it? If so, and I have to run wires from battery through the firewall(by drilling as I don't see a grommet I could use), what gauge of wire would I need to use for the 300W inverter going say 15ft? Would I need a groundloop isolator then?

    I am already suprised that the stereo, flipdown monitor, and 2 rope LEDs work off of the radio just fine...maybe that is due to the Explorer having more then 1 fuse for the radio.

    Sorry for the long post. I have been working on this project too long and am more confused then when I started. Any guidance would be great, thanks! Sorry, if I missed something in the FAQs also. Also, sorry if this posts more then once. My computer is freaking out.

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    I am also understanding that if I want to run it to the battery that I should be fine with 10AWG wire but I want to make sure it is THWN type. Any thoughts? Should I go straight to the battery and then hook up a relay so it shuts off when the car does or is the switch by itself fine (assuming I always remember to turn it off)? Any schematics recommended? I just want this finished and am stumped on the best/easiest way to do this setup.

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