I'm driving a 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R. I'm hoping that I can get some advice as to whether the system I am looking at putting together will function like I would like.
I obviously have a lot more research to do concerning bluetooth phones, the OBDII interface and etc. I'm just trying to make sure I'm at least starting on a solid foundation.

Goals for use in order of priority:
  1. MP3/Video playback on touchscreen monitor
  2. In-dash GPS navigation
  3. Car diagnostics, data logging, air/fuel control, etc.
  4. Mobile internet
  5. Bluetooth handsfree for my cell phone

1: I'm not looking for perfect SQ, but SQ is definitely one of my main priorities. I will be replacing my entire stock Bose system with new components, subs, and amps.

3: My car has "Consult 2", or something like that. I know that it uses the standard OBDII connector. My concern is, if I just use a normal OBDII-to-USB or similar, will I be able to do as much as I would like, or would I need different tools/software?

The current parts list:

Foxconn R10-S4 Intel Dual-Core Atom Barebone
2GB DDR2 533
Samsung SH-S223B DVD-burner
Opus 150 or 180W PSU

Obviously, I need the wifi/GPS/Bluetooth adapters. I'll find those myself.
Hard drive will be taken care of.
My main questions:
Will this system be sufficient? Its dirt cheap and seems to have everything I would need.
Will the onboard sound/video perform well enough? The mobo has 1 PCI slot. Should I use this for an upgraded sound/video card, or install a PCI wireless card?
I've heard wonderful things about the Opus, so I'll assume thats a good choice.

Thanks for dealing with my long post, and thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to help me!