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Thread: my low budget cavalier carputer

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    if you start, $1000 is just a **** in the bucket. if youre on a budget install an ipod... if you are willing to open a drain valve on your bank account, install a carpc. no matter what you start with, it wont be good enough. it never is.

    good point--also, the little stuff will nickle and dime you to death,(my install started cheap-- around $750 for everything, 3 soundcards later, and volume controllers-- at least 2k...)

    some have suggested that whatever budget you would like the system to cost, double it, and you might come out just below if your lucky.

    oh, and i rocked a ipod only install for about 6 months after my aftermarket hu killed itself and while i was building/painting portions of my car. there is nothing wrong with it-- it satisfies most of the reasons most want to build a car computer--take all your music with you, and no cd's. the biggest problem i had with it was fumbling around to change the volume or tracks. a custom ipod dock would have taken care of that though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bramlet View Post
    I try to search but I usually only find posts where people ask questions and darquepervert tells them to search.
    That right there is the quote of the millenium.

    One of the things about searching for information is to pare your query down the bare minimum keywords.
    OF course, it doesn't help that vBulletin's search functionality is craptastical on the best of days.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    yeah its horrendous...I do better googling and if its carputer related mp3car forums is usually the source.

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    Something that tries to be awesome but totaly sucks ***.

    as in:

    "MTV is totally craptastic!"

    Source: Urban Dictionary

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    Its ugly but do you guys think the 180 watt opus will fit in here along side a d945gclf2

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