Hi all

Finally jumped in and got some bits for my 1st car PC.

Got the following items so far...

Motherboard: Zotac ION-ITX-D Wi-Fi Dual Core 1.6GHz Atom N330 Mini-ITX
RAM: 2x 2GB PC6400 DDR2 DIMM 800
HD: WD 160GB Scorpio 7200RPM SATA 2.5
DVD: Samsung SN-T083A/BEBN Internal Slim Slot Feed Laptop DVDRW Black
Case: VoomPC 2
Power: M2-ATX 160W Intelligent Vehicle DC-DC
GPS: BU-353
BT: Sandberg 133-48 Mini USB 2.0 Dongle
OBD2: ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II Wireless Transceiver Dongle

Front end is going to be RideRunner, as I've installed this on my laptop for testing purposes and quite like the customisable nature of the program. Current candidate for skin is Carwings Dynamic Lite, with the features I want added.

Will be adding radio and camera hardware soon and will tether to my iPhone for mobile internet

So, anygood so far?

ps. Screen is on hold until most of the software is setup how I want it to be