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Thread: ok, so here's "the plan"

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    ok, so here's "the plan"

    so i got my screen in right b4 christmas(lol), i just need to buy a head unit now and then some wood and wiring(to power the laptop and screen, havnt really figured this out entirely yet)

    this is basically the way i want everything set up incase i ever forget the laptop, i still ahve music, lol

    this is what it willl kinda look like, i will have to build a center console and box for the head unit and to house the laptop and hide the wiring. also, im going to have to mod my dash a bit in order to keep the AC controls(blue box)
    would you recommend that i run the power cables for both the screen and laptop to the box that im going to build? or would it be easier to somehow mod the cig lighter(i saw a red and black cable loololll, so + and - i could do something i think)? keepin it all together would be better, wouldnt it?
    iPod would be on top in a hopefully "customized" spot jsut for it

    and this is what i've been workin on to get the dimensions later, lol. i still gotta go get some better measurements(been busy wit xmas and new yrs coming up, work too... o and parties ) ) the arm rest thing will double as a lid aswell

    will this head unit work? as far as i can tell, it seems like it'd meet my needs, but from what i understand, sony sucks at car audio

    plannin on ordering some fiberglass supplies off of ebay, im confused as to how much cloth i will need. i will just need to be able to put in the screen and not sure on the rest, should i go ahead and order the repair kit, or will it not be enough? i have a 10" screen so it wont fit in the regular din space(7.75" screen lenght is 10") and i have to be able to have the AC controls in too.

    Fiberglass E-Glass Plain Weave 10oz Fabric in a 38" width(1 yrd length) 19$
    Hexcell 3733 Fiberglass fabric. 50" wide, 5.80 oz/yd, 8 mil thick. The price is for one linear yard 9$

    1 qt 30$

    this is a repair kit, would i be able to use this instead? 50$
    contains: 1 quart polyester resin, 11 cc liquid hardener, 6 sq. ft. fiberglass mat, 3" x 5' fiberglass tape and instructions. Kit #637 contains: 8 fl. oz. resin, 1/4 oz. liquid hardener, 3 sq. ft. fiberglass cloth, mixing stick, plastic spreader, mixing tray and instructions.

    heres the power converter:
    so any help, advice?

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    looks like you have a lot of plans.

    for the power converter, you are looking a the wrong type-- the one in the link is to allow 12 volt electronics to work on a 24 volt auto electrical system- 99% of all cars on the road today use 12 volt electrical systems.

    for the sony radio, i would recommend taking a trip to the local electronics store that has one and try playing with it, and make sure that it has all the features you want, and are easy to access. as long as it meets your requirements, it is perfect for you.

    i am not a big sony fan(i have one of their sub amps), i really don't think that any of their car audio stuff is amazing, or headturning, or revolutionary anymore(the pentagonal subs were a new take on the sub shape game), but it just works, and as long as you are happy with it, it will be perfect.

    otherwise, check out the ADV. FAQ link at the top middle of the info bar for a lot of info on connections and hookup, and general advice on carputers.

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    If you're just working on the bezel, plastic welding or fiberglass jelly might be easier for you to use. If you use the fiberglass jelly, you just have to be sure to sand the surface it will attach to first, or it will just flake off.
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    Thanks you for the post.

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