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Thread: Fiat Ducato van, my plan...

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    Fiat Ducato van, my plan...

    Hi everyone.
    Currently got a plan on my mind for my van
    My setup at the moment is a
    eonon head unit with tv, Bluetooth, Dvd, Usb, sd card reader and aux in
    and my benq mp620 projector being installed currently
    and possibly got my hands on a sub box going free too
    i have also converted the van with a bed and microwave and numerous sockets ready to use

    bit i will be looking for are
    a decent computer system (will end up building my own, dual core, 120gb hard drive, multi fan, dvd, dual video card etc etc)
    and amps

    will keep everyone informed on how things go and will start getting pictures up soon!
    any advice on systems etc with be taken on board and greately appreciated

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    That sounds cool.
    Computer, microwave, projector, I want to do something like that one day.
    Got a minifridge too?

    One thing though.
    I assume you have AC sockets running off an inverter. Is the computer going to run off these, or a DC-DC power supply?
    A dual core dual graphics computer would be quite power hungry, I suppose it would be easier to use an existing big inverter than find a big enough DC-DC.

    You can pretty much go crazy with audio / computer gear in a van, as long as you can power it all. You might be looking at another battery/alternator eventually...
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    OMG, that would make a great porno van, lol..... Only issue is that if you got someone in the fan with you, certain posistions will block the image from making it to the wall you are projecting onto. Also will a projector work ok if its sunny outside?

    I wish I could have the guts to drive a van. They either look too work like or too soccer mom 'ish. Then you have the super vans that have lazy boy chairs built into them, but they looked too RV like.

    I cant wait to see what you do, the Fiat Ducato I think will eventually make it over to America.
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