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Thread: which to base carpc on?

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    which to base carpc on?

    I originally wanted to base my project on my wife's eeepc 1000hab. she rarely uses it so I might as well put it to good use. I thought it would be a great base since it's all inclusive. Then I went to compusa and found Acer's Aspire Revo units. From first glance, it's essentially similar to a laptop or netbook but without the lcd screen.

    I've seen many base their carpc off of the eeepcs, has anyone ever tried the aspires?

    Both have similar processing speed: epc: 1.66ghz; revo 1.6 both have 160gb hdd. my epc has 2gb ram and the revo's got 3gb. both have wireless built in, and hdmi ports. the revo's got a leg up on usb ports though, 6 vs epc's 3.

    The revo also runs on a 19V power brick which should work with the carnetix p1900.

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    At least one person on here has done a Revo as a CarPC, but they never posted pictures. It's a pretty ideal CarPC between the size of the unit and the price for what you get.

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    that what i thought when i saw it.
    it's a slim unit that doesn't seem to draw too much power or create too much heat.

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