I recently purchased a Cadillac SRX and am interested installing a carputer where the 6-Disc changer was. I have read many logs on carputers installed in CTS's which is virtually identical as the SRX's dash. My problem is all the logs and sites are more than 4 years old. I plan to start ordering parts in the next couple of days and I have many questions before I do so. I want it done with out much back tracking, so if any one could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. The few questions I have are basically due to the fact of technology advancing since the prior logs I have read.


Since Windows 7 has touch capabilities, would it be a viable os to install in a carputer?

I am really wanting an hd touchcreen with a possible blu-ray drive, is this even close to being viable.
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I have many more questions and will start posting pictures of my work within the week but if anyone can help with those 2 questions I would appreciate it!