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Thread: New user saying Hi!!!

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    New user saying Hi!!!

    Hi All, I have been a semi-long term lurker and just signed up today, so here is my first post. I have a 2009 Mazda RX-8 (Series II) that has a stock Bose radio and no navi. I have bounced around between replacing the HU with a Pioneer navi or carputer. I think I have decided on a carputer.

    In my lurking, I have done lots of reading and educating myself. In a nutshell, I think I am less confused than I was yesterday, but more confused than when I started. You know, it is never as easy as you have it mapped out in your mind.

    My background is pretty simple, I have lots of experience in computers as well as car audio, but not bringing the two together. I have basic electric engineering skills but nothing to write home about. The most complicated I ever got was I made a 250 watt CB amplifier about 20 years ago based on library books and lots of time reading. Back when it was cheaper to go to the library than it was to pay AOL 99 cents a minute for a connection. I am also pretty handy with VB and to the lessor, C#. My overall background is in aviation. I am a glider pilot for fun and a consultant with a business / technical / maintenance background for a corporate aviation consulting company.

    My goal in the end:

    1. 7" Touchscreen in the DD slot replacing the factory HU
    2. Replace all speakers and add a sub or two
    3. Have full audio / video / backup camera
    3a. I won't go audiophile level but as close as I can without breaking the bank
    3b. Have a system that feels factory without having to hack/mod everything to try and get it to work. For example, the steering wheel controls should actually work
    4. Integrate into the CAN ODB for, as real time monitoring as I can get
    5. Figure out if there is a way to hack into or work with the Mazda Smart Key technology. I would love to expand on the options there.

    I know in my mind there are lots more ideas but the next step is to map the goals out and to prioritize them. I haven't really set a target start date for this project and by all my reading, most of the members never really reach an end to their project.

    I have lots of questions but not finished reading and searching the forums yet.

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    Now where are those pix of the RX-8?

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    Welcome to the forums

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    Thanks guys.

    JC, what kind of C# developer are you looking for? My Sharp skills are weak but are improving. I run .Net on a Vista machine right now. Let me know if I can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kross View Post

    Now where are those pix of the RX-8?

    I need to take them. Right now it is stock but I will be changing that with the carputer. I have also been researching FI systems. They are not as cheap for the SII as they are for SI.

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