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Thread: 2010 Honda Odyssey project

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    2010 Honda Odyssey project

    I'm a newbie who has been ready over all the posts.
    I am getting a new 2010 Honda Odyssey with no rear video setup- it does have a sun roof.

    I'm looking to put PC technology and DVD movies on one 12" LCD screen w/ VGA for the 2nd/ 3rd row seats.
    Having real Wi-Fi for the PC side is a must for work.

    I need to find the Honda Odyssey 2010 wiring diagram for the existing radio [No NAV]. Anyone know if it's out there??

    Has anyone used the Xenarc 1210TR 12" LCD VGA touchscreen?
    Anyone try the Xenarc CARPC with their LCD??


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    Another 2010 Honda Ogyssey Project

    I have the 2010 Touring Version with the Nav option. I was disappointed to see that Text-to-Speech (i.e. enunciating street names) is not supported, at least at the local level. Has anyone installed other software on the unit? The 2007 project by dominicanjb is really kick-a$$, but given my car is only weeks old I'm not ready to void any warranties.

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    If you're looking to add a PC to your 2010 Odyssey, you can do it with the GA-Net+ without voiding any warranties. The GA-Net+ is all plug and play.



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    Thanks, but when I looked up that widget the cost was somewhere north of $700 US. A little too rich for my blood, thanks.

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