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Thread: First time carPC system - please critique

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    First time carPC system - please critique

    Hello everyone, I've been a long time computer builder and gearhead and can't wait to put my two passions together. I've contemplated the idea of a carPC for many years, but since my car was just involved in an accident where the stock amplifier (I drive a 2001 Trans Am) got trashed I am finally in a position where I can finally justify it in my mind. So, this will be an entire car audio overhaul. Here are the needs/wants that I have developed for my ideal system and the corresponding components that I have found that I think will work. It is not comprehensive, but I think I have all of the basics.

    Important notes:
    I am going to build a custom case (that will also house the amplifier) for this, so form factor really doesn't matter.

    Capability to provide output to at least (2) 6.5 component speakers, (2) 6.5 mid-woofers for rear fill, and 1 subwoofer for low frequency handling
    Quick boot time
    Regulated DC-DC power for motherboard & Lilliput 629 7 LCD screen
    Intelligent start-up/shutdown
    GPS & navigation
    ODB2 connectivity
    Maximum power consumption efficiency
    Proper amplifier thump protection

    Hibernation capability and remote start
    Ability to move to an active system later
    Voice control
    AM/FM/HD Radio
    Windows 7 preferred
    WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity
    Quality/established manufacturers
    Quiet operation (silent/low noise fans & cpu cooler)
    Powered & regulated USB Hub for ease of connecting phones/thumb drives
    Quality sound reproduction with minimal electrical interference

    Audio Components:
    CDT EU-61CV Components ( )
    CDT HD-1000CF 10 Subwoofer ( )
    CDT HD-6 Rear fill (maybe) ( )
    JL Audio XD700/5 5 channel amp ( )

    Carputer components:
    Intel BOXDH67GDB3 ($102) (
    Core i3 2100T ($134) (
    Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1333 ($45) (
    Asus Xonar D2X (
    Flexible PCI Extender ($22) (
    M4 ATX ($90) ( or DSATX 220 ($160) (
    Lilliput 629 (already have) (
    (2) 30GB OCZ Vertex SSD drives (already have) ( )

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    looks pretty good, just be sure to hot glue that extension cable down. also, i don't have experience with taht specific one, but the one my company used to use would start to unexplainably go bad(connected devices wouldn't show up in windows) after about 2-3 years..

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