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Thread: 2x 8" carputer set up help

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    2x 8" carputer set up help

    Ok, so I am planning to run 2x 8" touch screens in the car. One for the front passenger (fiber glassed in the dash) and one in the back (fiber glassed in the center console). Here is my proposal for parts. Let me know if I am missing anything.

    Motherboard: MSI E350IA-E45 AMD E-350 APU
    Ram: 4gig (will decide on brand later)
    HD: 60 gig SSD and 2tb
    Monitors: 2x Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T 8"
    PSU: M3-ATX 125 Watt - Smart Automotive Power Supply

    The plan is to run one screen off of HDMI and one off the Dsub in clone mode. I will be running 8g wire from the battery to power it. Should I run the monitors off the PSU or just put in a distribution block.

    Any feedback or advice is appreciated.

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    looks like a decent setup.

    i believe you might have enough power left over for both screens, but only your power calc's can tell you that.

    overall, i would always prefer to power the screens off the dc-dc psu then from car power, as long as there is sufficient headroom for it.

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