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Thread: Pioneer DEH P4800mp Problem

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    Pioneer DEH P4800mp Problem

    I am Having problems trying to get this stereo to recognize the aux source. I have tried using the aux port and the ip-bus rca interconnect with the cd-rb10. I have tried two different RB10's, different cables , tried using my Ipod, iphone, itouch even computer, tried turning off the stereo shutting off the battery, nothing I do allows the stereo to recognize the extenal devices as a source. the manual is of little value, it talks about turning on the aux but the source never recognizes it. BTW I am installing this in a boat.

    Help please


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    your in luck-- i have installed 3 of these--(though it's been years since then-- i now run a computer in the pioneer deck's place--which i should warn you-- this forum is really focused for installing computers in cars)

    you need to turn the unit off, and press and hold the function key to bring up the time change menu-- then press the function button to cycle through the different options-- once you get to the 'auxff' option, use the arrow keys to turn it to 'on'. hit the source button, and you should be able to cycle through to the aux input.

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