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Thread: BMW E36 - First CarPC

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    BMW E36 - First CarPC

    hi everyone,
    this is my first post in this forum.
    i've been lurking around for a while, trying to learn something before i get myself into this little adventure. this will be a DIM (do it myself :P) project to save some money for the parts.

    after some searching, i've come up with a list of the components for my CarPC and i would like to get an opinion from a more experienced CarPC User.

    so, these are the components:

    Monitor: SAMSUNG 7" LED LCD Touch Screen HDMI Monitor From Ebay;
    MBoard: ASUS E35M1-I DELUXE;
    RAM: Dimm 4GB DDR3 Kingston CL7 PC3-8500 (1066);
    HDD: SSD OCZ 2,5" SATA 60Gb Agility3 6Gb/s
    PSU: M4-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt) (a little more power for future upgrades)
    Case: Custom Made from Acrylic/Plexiglass or maybe an Halfmman Iris Black Mini-ITX (if i can fit it in the car)

    Total Cost: around 700$ (500)

    i'm thinking of fabricating my own bezel for the screen because i won't have much money left to buy it. i still don't know what cables i need to connect all this to the car.

    what do you think? should i change anything? am i missing anything? what else do i need to connect the CarPC to my speakers? (i don't have a working head unit)

    thank you in advance for you help,


    PS: i'm sorry for any spelling error in this post. my english is a bit rusty

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    You need an amplifier between the PC and the speakers.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    thanks for the reply. i knew i was missing something :P

    what kind of amplifier do i need? i dont understand much about it. how many channels does it need and whats the minimum acceptable power?

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    The amplifier would normally be a two channel in and then four channel out (2 front and 2 rear).

    Although some soundcards have the ability to do four channels out or even 5 channels out.

    Power is really upto you, depends on how loud you like your music.

    Basically we are talking a standard automotive amplier that anybody upgrading their car sound system might use.

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    so, 4 channel out from the amp where 2 are for the front speakers and 2 for the back speakers.

    something like this? American Legacy LA660 4x110W Amplifier.

    i was thinking of buying an head unit because i still need an FM tuner but i won't have any space left to mount it and it would become unreachable. i've found some USB TV/Radio Tuners but i don't know if they are reliable and have good quality.

    any ideas? i'm always open to any opinion ^^

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