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Thread: Ford Puma, wreaking havoc on the cat ;)

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    Ford Puma, wreaking havoc on the cat ;)

    Long story short, the Puma that came with a 6 CD changer in the dash has died (CD changer not the Puma) and I'll be damned if I pay Ford prices for a new one when I could drop a PC in for the same/less cost!

    So... here we go!

    I've managed to get my hands on (so far!)

    * Travla 138 case
    * D525MW Mobo (dual 1.8 Atom with passive heat sink)
    * 4gig SODIMMs (the mobo requires SODIMM!)
    * 80gig SATA HD
    * generic bluetooth dongle
    * 7" Newvision touch screen (I've never heard of them either!)

    Still after..

    * 4 channel amp
    * ...and probably loads of other stuff too!

    I've grabbed a trial of Centrafuse which seems OK (ish!) but still need to sort out Sat-Nav & radio.

    The hardware gathering & software set up I'm happy enough with (I work in IT) but not looking forward to the fit in the car part - I have a lot to learn still!

    Watch this space!!!

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    sounds fun!

    for a very basic, and cheap 4 ch amp, try looking for "motorcycle amp" on ebay-- i am told these offer the same, or a little better sound quality and output as a factory head unit, in a small form factor.

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    Don't forget that m2->m4, dsatx, or carnetix (I think that's the other one?)

    I got a couple cheapy 2 channel amps from China for about $25-30ish, and that combined with pc volume and internal software volumes as well blow the factory sound I ever had out of the water. The amps are kept about 1/2 - 3/4's of the way up and I can get nowhere near full volume on the pc level for music (videos are a different story for some reason they are low in volume for me).

    Good luck!
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    M2 acquired

    I'll take a look at the cheap amps mentioned, ta for the suggestions

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    A quick update...

    This has proved a little more challenging than i first expected - but I'm getting there!

    I've now got the whole thing running... touch wood i can start installing in the car tomorrow.... watch this space!

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