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Thread: Prebuild advice - CarPuter for C6 Z06 Corvette

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    Question Prebuild advice - CarPuter for C6 Z06 Corvette

    This is my first attempt at a car PC. Iíd love some advice on a CarPuter build to replace my in dash 6 CD 2-DIN radio that came stock with my C6 Corvette. The stock radio head is horrible, however, I do like the Bose amplifier. I plan on using a M/B with 10 channel audio and connecting to the carís amp.
    Basic needs are:
    Fast boot time, 7Ē 2-DIN touch display, Navigation, HD Radio, Play audio/video files, WiFi, use existing steering wheel controls, Interface with OBDII

    To meet the specís above Iíve selected the following components. Some from Newegg, some from MP3Car and others from vendors.
    I have not been able to find a steering wheel control adapter for my C6 Corvette. Help there would be greatly appreciated. (I have seen the 2006 Z06 Install thread)
    Iíd like to get the computer up and running this winter, after bench testing install it into the car.

    System components Iíve looked into so far:

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    for sata III that drives rather slow, you want something rated more like 550\mbs read and write. i got my 120gb 550mbs w\r and it's a beast of a unit, saves me from runing 2 to achive the speeds and its shock proof :P

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    i'll leave the hardware to the rest but I suggest using RR. I was a huge Centrafuse fan for the longest time but after seeing the guts of RR and finding a clean (not cluttered) skin. i'm a huge fan. it's very customizable. and very friendly with the mjs-usb-io prouducts if you want to make custom controls (maybe to manually ... or automatically change your butterfly valves on your exhuast)
    as for the display. look into that samsung transflective display. i'll never install another screen in my car w/o it being sunlight readable.
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