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Thread: Macmini in Rx8 r3

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    Macmini in Rx8 r3

    Hey guys! I have been toying around with the idea of possibly putting a macmini that i have sitting around into my car, i have been browsing the site for quite a while which has helped me narrow down my ideas a little further. I have came to the conclusion that i want to keep the stock head unit in the car and simply run the mac mini through the auxiliary input for the sound and control everything through 8-10 inch lilliput in order to keep everything as simple as possible (this option mostly because i dont want to mess with the wiring and also want to retain the factory bluetooth system), as for the touch screen i plan on removing the center red lcd display and placing the touchscreen there instead. is there anything that i should consider before going forward with this or anything that i might be overlooking, your guy's input is appreciated.

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    being that the red display shows you everything regarding the heating/air controls as well as the radio functions that you want to retain, it might be better to keep it where it is so you can still see what your changing with the factory stuff.

    unfortunately, that doesn't leave very much room for a 7-10" screen anywhere.

    some older forum members used to use a small single-color graphic lcd display that they would install in locations like that cubby right in front of the shifter-- though, personally, i don't like the graphic lcd-only method because it wouldn't work until after the pc is booted..

    you might still be able to fit a 7" screen there, but it might cover up the temp controls..

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