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    CarPC in '08 tC - New member

    I'm starting a CarPC project in my 2008 Scion tC. I bought this car new, and when I bought it I had the Scion Navigation System (SNS) installed. Of course, that was a mistake; one I'm going to correct with this new system.

    Since buying the car, I've made quite a few improvements to the sound system at a considerable cost (to keep the stock navi).

    Because the SNS does not have ANY pre-outs beyond a composite video out, it wasn't easy getting this system set up. I've also elected to keep all harnesses intact, in case I decide to re-sell the car in the future.

    I installed a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 to take speaker level inputs directly from the SNS and output it to my other two amps.

    My two amps I have installed are the Kenwood x600f (1200W max) for the polk speakers installed all around, and a Alpine MRP-M850 (800W max) for my MTX Thunder 9510-44 subwoofer.

    Considering all of this, I'm figuring I'm pretty well set audio-wise. I'm just going to need to install my PC and all of the peripherals.

    The timeline to complete this project will depend on taxes this year. I'm hoping to have most of the system installed and functional by March. The main reason for the long period of installation is my location (central WI), and by extension... weather.
    I'm looking for this PC to be a comprehensive media and navigation system. I have a ScanguageII and would like to integrate OBD2 functionality as well. I would like to store my music, and some videos on the device. As a bonus, being that this is a PC, I'd like to install a SNES emulator and a few roms.
    Touchscreen - Undecided, but looking for native resolution support in a double din space. Not looking to alter anything factory here. Need to be able to move to a future vehicle. I've noticed that my tC has an unusual opening, and if I could use factory mounting points to install a larger screen (8" possibly), I will be looking at this.
    Motherboard - ASRock (E350M1/USB3) - I'm going with the AMD platform mainly due to their superior integrated video solutions.
    Case - M350
    PSU - M3-ATX 125 watt
    Steering wheel controls - JoyCon
    GPS - BU-353 (saw a sirf4 on GlobalSat's website, BU-353S4, but can't find it anywhere)
    OBDII - Scantool ElmScan 5
    HD Radio - Directed DMHD-1000 (should handle regular AM/FM as well, to my knowledge) - Considering fabricating my own serial connection to control this.
    Bluetooth - Interlink VP6493 - Bluetooth 3.0 support.
    WiFi - TP-Link TL-WN722N - USB with external antenna support.
    I have some DDR3 RAM laying around that I'm planning on using... Also a 200GB laptop HDD.
    I'll also want to use a USB hub in the dash, as I'm thinking I may install this under the driver seat (RF360.2 is under passenger seat)

    I'm obviously new to the forums here, but I thought I'd introduce myself and my project. If anyone has any suggestions, please, feel free to send them.

    About me:
    I have a very strong background in computers. Building, repairing, configuring, ect. Home theater, and car audio are also strong points. I understand to a medium level circuits and 12V/120V applications. I've installed alarm systems, remote start systems, and all of the work in my car is my own. I guess this would make me at least mostly qualified for this project, but I'm sure there'll be snags along the way.

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    My current setup.
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    Proposed carpc setup.

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