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Thread: Concept Car Infotainment Layout

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    Concept Car Infotainment Layout

    Hi everyone

    This is the plan for the project I posted in the Newbies forum.

    Please let me know what you think!



    Name:  SE Dau Car PC Layout.jpg
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    Looks good, audio I have no knowledge on but I would think using the same brand amps is a good thing. You might want to get this monitor It's very good for the money and that extra wire on the touch is really needed if not going capacitive. Also make sure you get the HO model of M2 as it provides another 20 watts of power. Good luck going forward and keep us posted. Also make sure you buy a quality OBDII unit like Scantool's product line, you won't be disappointed. SNO
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    Thanks a lot, SNO! I've taken notes!!

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