Hi new here and to carpcs. I own a Mazda RX8 and do have some experience with computers.
I am planning to build a carpc for music, movies, gps, internet, light gaming, OBD, reverse camera etc.
Here is my proposed setup:
Intel Pentium G2020
ASRock H61M-ITX Motherboard
4gb DDDR3
Custom case
1tb HDD (already have a spare one)
Mo Co So double din capacitive touch screen
Windows 8

I had a few questions though.
What is good/bad about this setup?
Capacitive or resistive? I understand the difference but is it worth the extra for capacitive? Mainly worried about swiping and scrolling through things. But its a huge extra cost. Has anyone figured out how to steal a tablet screen yet? Ipad screens and touch overlays can be brought for a lot less than capacitive screens and are much nicer.
Are there any good plans for a DIY PSU? I work at Jaycar so if its worth it I'd like to build the PSU myself. I would like to get some more experience with electronics and save money.
Thanks for any help.