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Thread: 2006 Toyota Tacoma Moderate Fab, Android Tablet installed

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    Thumbs down 2006 Toyota Tacoma Moderate Fab, Android Tablet installed

    I'm slowly absorbing the wealth of information located here. The more I read, the more I lean towards an in dash 7" tablet install. Here is what I have so far:

    Subs: Alpine SWS-10D4 x2 (Fiberglass work has started on the rear doors to get these to fit.)
    Amp: JBL GTO-5EZ
    Replacement Speakers: Polk Audio db6501 & db5251
    Front end: Galaxy Tab 10 2 for starters and an in-dash 7" down the road if I get everything working right.
    USB Mass Storage: This is a tricky one it seems. My current idea is to attempt docking the tablet and connecting that to a powered hub with an external SSD attached. I would like to be able to run the sound through the dock too. Due to the complexity this might make it a choice between DAC or Storage. I'll have to experiment when the parts arrive.

    I had some crazy ideas of just fabricating the 10 inch tablet which I already own into the dash. I've watched a few of the ipad installs and I think I could do better. We'll see how motivated I am once these sub woofer enclosures are done and the bugs are worked out of the "front end".
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