This will be the first car ive had with a Double DIN/DIN2 opening and so is ripe for a Car PC, so here goes.

Ive come to a few decisions on what to do and what to use but other than that im a bit stuck on how to proceed. As with all good projects, cost is key and this will be done on as tighter budget as i can.

My OS will be Android, the Touch Screen will be 7" and will have the following features (if possible);

OS - Android 4.0+
Screen - 7" Touch
GPS for navigation
FM Tuner
Bluetooth for OBD2 connection and Phone Tethering
Mass Storage - either SSD or SD/Micro SD for music & films etc.

I cant think of anything else at the moment, but im guessing based on some early research i need a main board, fm tuner, usb gps & bluetooth, mass storage, a power supply/converter with a way of retaining settings while the car is turned off (sleep or hibernation mode), a place to get the OS and of course a 7" touch screen that will connect up and be operational without too much trouble.

Ive dabbled in some very basic linux/ubuntu, but that was 10+ ago. Hopefully i should be able to pick this up again should i need to as ive read that i may need to compile/edit a kernel.

I'm in the process of finding a donor head unit similar to the standard one that came with the car to see if its possible to re-use the chassis. i have the one that came with the car but seeing as it works i dont really want to destroy it

Any help, advice or where to get the parts from would be greatly appreciated as im a bit stuck on where to start things.