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Thread: Can the M2-ATX handle the Energy Efficient 65W Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 4400+ CPU?

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    Can the M2-ATX handle the Energy Efficient 65W Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 4400+ CPU?

    I've seen alot of people mention this cpu in the forums but i havent been able to find any post of people actually using this cpu. either im not doing a good job of using the search button or this cpu isn;t really that popular.

    Frys has a pretty good deal on an Energy Efficient 65W Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 4400+ and motherboard for around $98.99 and i was wondering if the M2-ATX will be able to power this???

    I realize i don't need this much power to play a few mp3s but the main reason i want to use something like this is because i can actually goto the store and buy it and if anything was wrong with it i can return it and not have to deal with shipping. also the pricing is pretty attractive

    I recently bought the Turion MT-37 2.0ghz 25watt CPU + a compatible mobo but it turns out somethign was wrong with them and i ended up returning the motherboard 4 times to exhange for a new ones and finally decided to screw the Turion and return it to newegg since it was too much trouble. i don;t know about you but calling newegg everyday to harrass them into accepting a return and driving to UPS 4 times a weeks isn't my idea of fun. Id rather just go to frys and not have to deal with all the online and calling customer service crap.

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    Suggest reading this thread in Power Supplies:

    Someone with a lower end Athon has a M2, and people are warning him about the M2 destroying the motherboard / components if the M2 blows.

    I'd suggest something beefier / safer, such as the DSATX.

    And read up..

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    Cool Psu calculator

    You can use this one with confidence...
    I used it and did not had any power problems using the m2-atx (great product)...

    good luck...

    "Most of the users you'll see in this site are still learning specially me"

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    was this the exact same cpu 4400? i just read somewhere that these things can draw more than 65 watts

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    I have a s754 mobile sempron for what it is worth. I think the energy efficient ones should be allright, but you might as well add up the power requirement and check.

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