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Thread: Complete Newbie question

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    Complete Newbie question

    Hello all -

    I am brand new to car PCs and am getting ready to build my first one. I'd like to give some general information and see if you all could assist me with some general guidance.

    -- First question, Mac Mini or PC-based. I see there's a lot of PC-based rather specialized car PC cases, etc. However, I'm a big Mac fan and would be interested in using a Mac mini if it works well. But, am open to using the PC based ones if people think they work better (or if there's just generally more software/components available for it).

    -- I plan to put this into my Ford F-150. I already have an adapter that allows me to run sound through the Aux port on the factory stereo. However, if there's a way to replace the radio with this new computer, I'd be interested in understanding how to do that too. I'm fairly technical, so I can handle some wiring, coding, etc if I need to.

    -- I can build my own enclosure to make a more custom fit, but am fine with buying one if people think there's one that general works and fits well. If I build my own, suggestions on which power supply/inverter to go with would also be great.

    -- I have a collection of iTunes music, so I would like whatever I do to be able to do that.

    -- Also want to naturally do the other things like video, GPS navigation, hands-free cell phone, etc.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially on the Mac vs. PC decision since that's one of the first ones I have to make here.


    - Doug

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    Yup, this is the website for that type of project.

    Please, enjoy searching through the many topics that cover those areas.

    We all enjoy the hobby, and wish you good luck.

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