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Thread: Newbie from Down Under.....

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    Newbie from Down Under.....

    ...Just saying g'day from down under, Oz that is.... I have a '99 Ford AU and was just looking to upgrade the standard head unit when I stumbled onto the world of carputers etc. Now that's the ath I'm looking at going down. So here am I reading up on as much as I can to learn what I can, and the creative juices are flowing. Only thing that will slow me down is the cost. But I hope to offset a lot of that as I have some PC gear lying around. Hopefully I can learn heaps and bring my ideas to reality....

    Cheers All.....

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    Aussie Aussie Aussie

    Welcome Gypsy,

    Take a look at the thread below and tell us more about yourself in there.
    How many Australian mp3Cars are there out there?



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