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Thread: Heatsink weight -- problem?

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    Heatsink weight -- problem?

    This is kind of a newb question, so it seems appropriate here.

    I want a quieter Socket A cpu fan than the stock AMD one. I have a ThermalTake Volcano 12 sitting around, and it has a nice copper heatsink and variable fan speed. But it's kinda heavy. Is this a problem in a car where it'll get jostled a lot?

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    If the motherboard is mounted vertically, I could see it being an issue. If the motherboard is horizontal probably not.
    I use a 1U cooler (designed for a slim rackmount server) on mine. It's comparatively light, as well as very low profile.

    The compny I bought mine from no longer exists. Here's a comparable (if not identical) unit:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I just had my commell LV-670 MB fail due to the weight of my low profile heatsink. The MB was visibly bowed from the weight. My MB is mounted horizontally and I did not take this into account, so good question and I will not make this same mistake with my new board.
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