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Thread: Question on powering a pc?

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    Which state is your computer in when the car is off? Are you fully shutting down, hibernating or standby? The only way it'll draw power from the battery is if it's in standby and even then you won't notice it unless you don't drive your car for a few days. So when you go on vacation, turn it off completely, otherwise don't worry about it.
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    I have my carputer always shutting down, but even then it managed to drain my battery over a 10day period. (snowboarding trip)

    I'm also interested in the solar panel option, especially since I'm looking to replace my mini-itx by a laptop which will stay in standby.
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    the problem with solar panels is they only supply a very small amount of power in a size panel that's reasonable for a car, unless your looking to do large solar panels they won't supply all that much.

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    After your computer shuts down and "turns off" it still pulls some power on the 5v rail, this is why there's an LED on some motherboards (like my Asus boards). The only way to completely kill it is to either switch off power or use an intelligent power supply like an Opus or M2-ATX or something.

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